Innovative Solutions for assurance

Over the past decades or so, the government and industry has realized security and assurance of microelectronics design and life cycle a high priority, hence IPs must be developed with security in mind, system integration must be done with assurance in consideration, attacks and vulnerabilities must be actively detected and deterred for safe and secure operation, and supply chain integrity must be assured. Caspia Technologies innovative solutions from design to end of life ensures safe and secure operation while ensuring user/data privacy.

Available Solutions


Innovative functional and structural locking and assessment to protect designs against insider attacks, IP piracy, and illegal activities in the field


Fault injection assessment at pre-silicon against all types of fault injection schemes


Automated side-channel leakage analysis at the pre-silicon

Coming Soon


A plug & play Silicon Authentication Platform IP to enable end to end supply chain assurance from fab to end of life


Automated bill of materials generation for PCBs and surface analysis to establish authentication


A complete 3D assessment of PCB internal layers for trust verification


Hardware security primitives (PUFs, TRNGs, Odometer, CDIR, and more)


Automated detection of malicious change and information leakage at different levels of abstractions


Precise device authentication and Trojan detection using innovative backside imaging


Built-In Self Authentication to detect any malicious change to design layout by untrusted mask shop and foundry


Protection of backside moderns ICs from contactless invasive & non-invasive attacks


Automated signature generation for side-channel (power/EM/Timing/optical) analysis & authentication (Pre and post-silicon)


Tools and blockchain for establishing secure communication with chip and system under authentication (ASIC, FPGA, Embedded Systems)

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