End-to-End Assurance Right from the Start

Build Your Next SoC with the Industry's First Security Verification Flow

The silicon lifecycle is complex,
security doesn’t need to be.

Caspia Technologies™ simplifies the adoption of advanced assurance practices for the electronic hardware development lifecycle with comprehensive tools, IP, and training. 


Identify Security Bugs Before They Occur

CODAx, our latest innovation, is the industry’s first security linting solution for SoC verification and assurance. Drawing from many security sources including CVE, CWE, and Trust-Hub, CODAx can find and guide the repair of many flaws in RTL code.  

Our Solutions & Services

Designed with precision to integrate security seamlessly


Automated solutions and comprehensive methodologies to address your hardware security needs.


Train your engineers to better understand microelectronic security, safety, and assurance.


Assist your team throughout the design, implementation, and verification process for security sign-off.

Our Unique Offering

Secure Development Lifecycle at Caspia Technologies

SDL Overview

Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) is a comprehensive framework for integrating security verification into every stage of microelectronic system development. It is a holistic approach ensuring the highest protection practices from inception to deployment.

SDL Benefits

Caspia’s SDL helps you seamlessly integrate powerful and scalable practices, policies, and security solutions into your existing development flows. It is a paradigm shift, ensuring that security is not an afterthought, but a fundamental aspect of the entire design and production process.

SDL Offerings

Caspia’s offerings encompass security focused IPs, advanced EDA tools for automated security verification, tailored trainings on security topics to all levels of personnel, and strategic support, all aimed at delivering easy-to-implement, reliable, and quantifiable security in microelectronic system development.

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