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Caspia Technologies leads development of innovative solutions to ensure end-to-end security and integrity for today’s complex electronics supply chain. Our solutions support both the industry and government, and improve quality of life for users and customers in commercial markets. Caspia Technologies founders bring 50+ years to experience working in the area of semiconductor technologies and microelectronics security.

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Caspia Technologies founders and engineers bring together years of experience leading the field of semiconductor industry, EDA and hardware security. Caspia’s experts track record of working with government and industry would provide confidence in the technologies deployed in the field to protect modern day devices and systems.

EDA Solutions

Automated tools for microelectronics assurance at pre- and post-silicon

Security IP Solutions

Security primitives to establish assurance throughout design and lifecycle

Physical Assurance

IC and PCB level physical assurance software tools and methodologies

Caspia's Leadership

Waleed Khalil, PhD

Co-founder, CEO

Mark Tehranipoor, PhD

Co-founder, President & CTO

Navid Asadi, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Scientist (Physical Assurance)

Farimah Farahmandi, PhD

Co-founder, Chief Scientist (IP Assurance)

Wally Rhines, PhD


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Train your engineers to better understand microelectronics safety & security and supply chain assurance



Provide innovative solutions to address your needs on microelectronics assurance



Support your team throughout the design, fabrication, and test process

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