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Part of Caspia Technologies’ mission is to provide end-to-end hardware security expertise through training and education. Over the past few years, through our advanced training courses, we have assisted a number of companies’ engineers with an understanding the new challenges in the field of microelectronics security, providing hands-on training to engineers, and collaborating with companies to address challenging problems they face. 

Our training courses are tailored to meet each company’s needs. We will ensure the courses offer the best tools and knowledge custom designed for each company given the unique challenges each company faces when it comes to security concerns of their products.

Available Courses

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Fundamentals of Digital Integrated Circuit Design

Skills you'll gain: ASIC Design, FPGA Design, Digital and Analog Circuitry, Pre-silicon Sign-off, ...
Level: Beginner

Security Verification

Skills you'll gain: Verification & Validation Techniques, Formal Methods, Assertion-based Verification, ...
Level: Intermediate - Basic knowledge of digital design

Introduction to Microelectronics

Skills you'll gain: Basic Terminology, Design & Manufacturing Processes, Digital & Analog Circuitry,...
Level: Beginner

Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

Skills you'll gain: IP Definition, IC Lifecyle, Hardware Threats, Watermarking, Obfuscation, ...
Level: Intermediate - Basic knowledge of digital design

Introduction to Electronics Packaging

Skills you'll gain: Traditional Packaging, Surface Mount Technology, Interposer, 2.5D & 3D Integration, ...
Level: Beginner

Introduction to Physical Inspection for Hardware

Skills you'll gain: Microscopy Methods, Defect Detection, Image Processing, Reverse Engineering, ...
Level: Beginner

Introduction to Reverse Engineering

Skills you'll gain: IC & PCB Reverse Engineering, Optical, X-ray, Focused Ion Beam, Counterfeit Detection, ...
Level: Intermediate - Basic knowledge of inspection methodologies

Fault Injection Attacks & Countermeasures

Skills you'll gain: Fault Injection Techniques, Vulnerability Assessment, Mitigation Approaches, ...
Level: Beginner

Side-channel Leakage Assessment

Skills you'll gain: Side-channels, Cryptographic Algorithms, CAD Tools, Countermeasures, ...
Level: Beginner

We will create custom classes for you to address your assurance concerns.