Secure SoC Development Lifecycle (SDL)

SDL Overview

Security is an important part of any application that encompasses critical functionality, and as electronic systems spread to almost every global market, pressure rises for the hardware to be secure.

A functional verification flow is no longer sufficient. A comprehensive security verification flow is also required to ensure successful operation of the system in deployment.

Security can be considered throughout all different stages of the development lifecycle, from specifications to production as well as in-field and end of life. With dedicated effort, security issues can be addressed in the development pipeline well before deployment to production. This reduces the risk of including security vulnerabilities in your product and works to minimize the impact if any are found.

Systemic Plan For End-To-End Protection

Caspia Technologies offers a full set of industry-leading services to ensure your development lifecycle is secure and your end-product meets strict security and assurance requirements. This starts with integrating powerful and scalable practices, policies, and security solutions.


For each lifecycle phase, a variety of factors must be taken into considerations to capture vendor-customized security solutions. Caspia offers comprehensive solutions to provide unmatched resiliency to security issues.

What We Offer

Complete Range Of Advanced Capabilities And Automated Solutions

Caspia provides a range of services and solutions, including:

Tailored Training

Caspia delivers tailored trainings to all levels of personnel within your organization to educate them on the current state of hardware security, major threats, countermeasures, best practices, and more. Trainings can be structured in synchronous or asynchronous format. Customized training curriculum can be offered on request.

Design Solutions

Caspia offers innovative and state-of-the-art security IPs to protect your SoC. This includes secure root-of-trust modules, IP for DFT protection, fault injection & side-channel detection, silicon backside protection, and more.

Automated Tools

Our experienced trainers provide hands-on training with automated tools for security vulnerability detection, including pre-silicon side-channel assessment, fault injection analysis, formal verification, and more.

Verification & Validation Strategies

We can help you develop security test plans for SoC development as well as verification strategies for design IPs to be included within your SoCs. This includes strategies for in-house IP and as well as third-party IP.

Customized Support

Our experienced engineers are ready to help you develop customized IP to ensure you meet performance requirements with security in mind.

Market-Leading Experience And Expertise

Caspia Technologies is pushing the frontier of hardware security with a team consisting of leaders in the hardware security field and experienced engineers and instructors ready to help you implement the necessary procedures for secure SoC development. With experience in developing hardware security solutions and assisting industry and government on various hardware security topics, we identify and offer the best practices for securing the SoC development lifecycle.

Together, we can solve your security challenges.