Microelectronic Secure
Development Lifecycle

Microelectronics are the heartbeat that sustains the life of our global communications and operations capabilities. They enable all electronic systems – like computers, cellphones, satellites, and automotives – and require extensive design and manufacturing efforts to produce. This uniquely complicated supply chain commonly involves numerous outsourced and third-party providers that compromise microelectronic security, creating a considerable risk to consumers and defense needs.

Caspia Technologies’ offers personalized support to ensure your microelectronic development lifecycle is secure and your end-product meets strict security requirements that protect it against numerous hardware attacks, such as intellectual property theft, insider threat, side-channel leakage, and hardware trojans.

Caspia Technologies can provide comprehensive training to deliver knowledge on threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, and countermeasures, as well as develop an end-to-end design and test framework to meet both your security and performance needs.

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