Fundamentals of Hardware Security:
Theory and Applications

Course Description

Electronics devices and systems are pervasive, impacting all aspect our daily lives. They are deployed into mission critical systems, transportation, financials, and even household appliances. Security and trustworthiness of such systems are of paramount importance. Unfortunately, modern supply chain, distributed design flows, lack of understanding of security and trust concerns by designers, and poor infrastructures for secure design together have resulted in insecure electronics devices and supply chain. As a result, understanding the challenges and the possible solutions would enable designers with tools and capability to establish security throughout development lifecycle. They can also develop solutions to secure supply chain.

This course focuses on theory and application. This is a recommended pre-requisite for our other course offering titled The Fundamentals of Hardware Security: Hands-On. In this later course, we will use the knowledge gained through this course and provide a completely hand-on experience to attendees.

Course Topics

  • Basics of VLSI, test, and reliability
  • Cryptographic hardware, 
  • Physical and invasive attacks
  • Side-channel attacks
  • Physically unclonable functions (PUF)
  • Hardware-based true random number generators (TRNG)
  • Watermarking of Intellectual Property (IP) blocks
  • FPGA security
  • Passive and active metering for prevention of piracy
  • Access control
  • Hardware Trojan detection and isolation in IP cores and integrated circuits (ICs) 
  • Integration of security as a design metric, not as an afterthought
  • Better understanding of attacks and providing countermeasures against them

About Caspia Technologies

Caspia Technologies was established to lead development of much needed end-to-end solutions to ensure security and integrity for today’s complex electronics supply chain. Our solutions are meant to support both the industry and government and improve quality of life for users and customers in commercial markets. Caspia‘s founders bring 50+ years to experience working in the area of semiconductor technologies and microelectronics security.