Fault Injection Protection on Your Time

Automated fault injection simulation, analysis, and countermeasures at the pre-silicon level.

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Why use AFIx?

Fault injection attacks are becoming more common, making it more important than ever to find effective solutions. Fault injection attacks are quite effective, allowing attackers to bypass chip security measures and extract sensitive information.

By working at the RTL level, AFIx can discover architectural vulnerabilities and implement pinpointed countermeasures to secure designs from fault injection. These effective countermeasures save on area overhead and reduce cost while still giving your designs the protection they need.

What is AFIx?

  • Fault simulation: Quickly and accurately simulate fault injection attacks at the RTL level.
  • Critical fault identification: Reduce area overhead by protecting the areas that matter most.
  • Countermeasures and monitoring: Prevent against fault injection attacks with runtime countermeasures.
AFIx Overview Basic
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Fault Simulation

Real-world Fault Injection Modeling

Simulate fault injection attacks based on commonly employed attack methods, giving a realistic idea of design vulnerability.

RTL Level Simulations

Simulate fault injection attacks at the RTL level, avoiding time wasted in layout and costly chip respins.

Fast and Efficient

Accurately model faults at the logic level, improving simulation times and scalability over electrical-level simulation.

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Critical Fault Identification

Area Overhead Reduction

Protect locations that contribute the most to fault injection vulnerability, saving area overhead when implementing countermeasures while still maintaining full coverage.

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Countermeasures and Monitoring

Fault Injection Attack Detection

Connect monitoring circuitry to vulnerable locations, allowing for instant detection of fault injection attacks.

Access Control

Once attacks are observed, disable IPs and control signals to prevent information leakage and further access.

Countermeasure Customization

Outside of AFIx’s automated features, fine tune monitoring hardware generation and access control functionality, giving more control over your designs.

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